Google and Beyond Simple Searching

This session will focus on learning how to expand the search functions of Google beyond just typing in a few keywords. Learn to maximize your time in searching to find exactly what you are looking for in a short amount of time. Also, you will learn about tools to deliver searched content to your website, RSS reader, Google Reader, phone, email, or text messaging. Watch the video below to get a quick peek at how to use some advanced search features in Google.

I used a tool in our presentation called ZoomIt! This is from Microsoft and you can download it here for free.

Search Options - Search a topic to narrow your results

Google Resources for Educators

Online Training for Educators

Maximizing Your Google Experience:

Step 1: Create a Google Account - use your KISD email address to setup the account.
An account not only gives you access to Google's Collaborative Tools; it also lets you save search items, Reader, RSS, and more.

Step 2: Check out the Navigation Tools to help you maximize your Search Time
Web - Searches the entire web
Images - Searches only images
Video - Searches only video
Maps - Search only through Google maps and get driving directions
Shopping - Search only through Google Product Search
Mail - Access to Google Mail or Gmail
News - Search Google News resources

More - Shows more tools that Google Offers:

Google Groups - you can build your own group to collaboratively work on discussions, webpages, and shared search tools.
Kerrville ISD Technology Group - made yesterday!
Google Books - read books online or download them to a Google Android phone or iPhone
Google Scholar - Searches scholarly literature including peer-reviews, theses, books, abstracts, articles all from academic publishers.
Google Finance - Real time Financial Tracker and stock search tool
Google Blogs - Search tool for finding blogs

And More
YouTube - Google purchased YouTube and now the entire catalog is search-able
Calendar - Make and manage shared calendars. See how HPMS is using Google Calendars for their teams!
Photos - Works with Google Picasa - a download-able tool for managing pictures on your computer and then uploading them to share
Documents - Create, upload and share documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations.
Reader - Subscribe to online RSS Feeds and XML/Atom information that is funneled to you instead of you searching for it.
Sites - Create your own website

Can you believe....they have even more!

Google Labs - the testing playground for future Google Projects

But....let's step back to just the regular Google Search Engine to see what types of ways we can narrow our search:

Click on Advanced Search - Here you can narrow your search by the words or phrases. But if you look a little further down the page, under Need More Tools:

File Type: You can restrict your search to PDF, Power Point, Word, Excel, Google Earth File, Flash file, etc. You could literally search for just Powerpoint files you need.

Slideshare is a place for Powerpoint files so don't forget you can look here too! Searchable!
Scribd is also a place for documents online. College kids use it to share cheat sheets and crib notes. Searchable!

Search within Any Domain: Restrict your search to a specific website: for example

This is an example of a searchable domain that I built in Google. It searches this wiki using a Google search engine that is customized to search only in this domain.


iGoogle - Build a customized search tool for your login

Some fun? Click on Language Tools and you can change your Google Search to be Klingon, Elmer Fudd, Bork!, and other languages. Also has a built-in language translation tool.

More fun? "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on search - Goes automatically to first result page when clicked. Doesn't list search results but takes you automatically to first search result.

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