Build a Wiki Workshop

Wednesday, July 22 1:00 to 4:00pm in Tivy High School D110

Recipe for Success:

1. Information to put on your wiki
2. Support: Audience and Authors
3. Design Ideas
4. A Wiki Site
5. Time to add information to your Wiki

Serves: All of the World Wide Web - portion size is up to you

1. Gather all the information you want to post on your Wiki into one place. Use a veggie-wash to clean before cutting!
2. Preheat Internet by choosing the appropriate Wiki site for your page.
3. Mix - start by figuring out who will be visiting your site. You need to make the content of your site age-appropriate for the visitors as well as explaining information to them as easily as you can. You can invite other participants into the mix and they can also add content to the site. Add frosting to your mix by incorporating multimedia tools and interactivity.

Let cool and serve!

Wiki Places we will investigate:

PB Works - KISD Technology Wiki
WetPaint - AEC Committee Wiki
Wikispaces - Summer Training Wiki

Another way to share information may not be a Wiki but I think it is valuable nonetheless. This is the idea of Social Networking.


Other: E-Pals

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