ESL/ELL/Bilingual Resources - Training 10/15/2009


School House Rock Video on Verbs

FUNdamentals of learning

Your Letters to Me - requests for what you want to be trained on.

What is this place????

Rosetta Stone
Manager, weekend update, and student access.
District Resources online

Vocabulary Assessment - Made with Quizlet
Flash Card Exchange is great too.

Web 2.0 Tools U MUST HAVE!!

Delicious - social bookmarking (Joel is at
Document Sharing - Google Documents
Voicethread- Digital Storytelling
Interactive Space: Imagination Cubed
iTunes - Apps for educators?

Google - Tools - ALL OF THEM

Google Earth
GE site for Educators
Discussion Thread of teachers sharing how they use GE in classrooms
Juicy Geography

Google Translate

Online Training Resources:
Atomic Learning
TED Talks - iTunes
Fora TV

Alvin Toffler: "The illiterate of the 21st century are not the ones who cannot read or write; they are the ones who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn."

Connecting to Professional Learning Networks

E-Pals - connecting teacher & student webpages and projects

Twitter - search phrases: #ESL, #EFL, #businessenglish, #teachertuesday, #esl, #efl #businessenglish #teachertuesday
What is Twitter?
Why do people use it?

27 Ways to Practice Spelling with Style
Teaching English using Web 2.0

Other Videos Sites:
Sozo Exchange - YouTube Channel
SlideShare - these aren't videos!

Social Networking Tools
ESL Networks
Bilingual Networks



Story Telling:
Time Toast
Primary Access

Document Cameras

Word Mapping - Tools: I recommend or
Wordle - Create word clouds

Visual Search Tools

Clusty and Clusty Clouds
Exalead - thumbnails of sites

Digital Storytelling with Images & Video

Materials for creating Digital Stories:
1. Computer
2. Digital camera for still pictures (recommend a camera that plugs in with USB)
3. Digital camera for video (recommend the FLIP camera)
4. Video editing software (comes with the Flip) or use free online editor
5. Audio editing software - Audacity is free, easy and does complex editing
6. Scanner

Digital Storytelling - what it looks like
Voicethreads by Elementary and Middle School students
Voicethreads by Juniors and Seniors
Digital Stories
Scott County Schools
Fourth Grade Art Class
Briscoe Texas Heroes
1001 Flat World Tales
Special Education Teachers
Common Craft
WHS Vietnam Memorial Project

Online resources for LEARNING about Digital Stories:
Digital Storytelling Cookbook
The Digital Narrative
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Tech Head Stories

Online resources for CREATING Digital Stories:
Primary Access
Windows to the Universe

Microsoft Photostory 3 - software download that is FREE and easy to use
Online training for Photostory

Online resources for WATCHING Digital Stories:
Center for Digital Storytelling
We Tell Stories
Flickr and example of Flickr Math story
International Children's Digital Library

Augmented Reality

Digital Image Libraries
Pics4Learning – –
Flickr –
Creative Commons –

Digital Image Tools
Bubble Share –
Picnik –
Voicethread –

Pixton –
Kerpoof –
Toondo –

Digital Video
Brain Pop, Brain Pop Jr., Brain Pop Español –
Internet Archive –
English Trailers –

Audio Podcasts with Text
Storynory –
Archie Comics –

News and Current Events Podcasts
Voice of America – Special English –
Breaking News English –

Literature with Audio Support
Project Gutenberg –
LibriVox –
Lit 2 Go –
Oxford University Press -

Language Learning
Puma Rosa –
Mango Languages –
UGoEigo –

Book Publishing
Lulu –

Research site with ESL/ELL Support
Nettrekker –

ESL/ELL Sites for Kids w/ minimal ads
British Council Learn English –
PBS Kids –
RIF Leading to Read –
BBC School –

ESL/ELL Teacher Tools
MES-English –
BBC Teaching English –
Colorin Colorado –
Teacher Tube – (Rubistar, PBL Checklst, Casa Notes) -
Personal Educational Press –
How to Type Accents on a Computer –

Reading Sites with ESL/ELL Support
Starfall -
Lookybook –
Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids $ -
Bookpop -
Maggie Tales –

ESL/ELL Activity sites
English Zone –
A 4 ESL –
ESL Lab –
Many Things –

Video presentation by Arturo Guajardo - Austin ISD at ISTE convention