SMART Board - Train the Trainer - Tuesday August 4 and Wednesday August 5 at Tivy High School D110 Lab

Introduction to Setting Up a SMART Board

Using the SMART board or the SMART Airliner (portable whiteboard) gives teachers access to the software application called SMART Notebook. This software is what makes the board interactive with the computer.

SMART Training Videos - 2 Minute Trainers
SMART Training Resources and Downloads:

SMART is really good about providing both document and video training on their site. You can view the training opportunities of the site by clicking here.
SMART also allows teachers to create their own interactive lessons. Here is a quick-guide PDF on how to create and save your own lessons for your SMART board.

Why reinvent the wheel? Here is a site that provides free interactive web sites for whiteboard lessons broken up by grade level and subject.
SMART directory of educator resources. Click on Online Classroom Resources where you can view by grade level. This is updated constantly!

  • Notebook Software Lesson Activities include a collection of .xbk files which are the Power Point-type files you can save and edit as you teach. To download these, right click on them and select "Save Target As".
  • SMART Ideas Software Activities is the collection of .ipr files that are best used with the large SMART Boards. These are interactive files and they can be saved and edited. Just select "download lesson" to save them. Your computer must have the IPR application installed for these to work and that is part of version 10.0 which is new as of summer 2008.

Heather Lamb is a SMART consultant and she has an excellent resource of tools for teachers. Click on her name to access one of her sites. Heather also has a site (social bookmark sharing site) where she shares websites she finds using SMART and Interactive whiteboards.

Tim Fahlberg is an educator who developed a resource site for teachers wanting to create "mathcasts" - video recordings of whiteboard interactions for students and parents.

SMART Online Resources and Interactive Web Sites

These are great resources for any classroom with a projector (no matter if there is a SMART board or not).

Teaching with SMART Boards
Center School's SMART resources
Kidspiration/Inspiration SMART Uses
LeeSummit Schools list of SMART resources
Thinkfinity - search engine for interactive lessons (on the far right)

Interactive Learning Games
I Know That!
Jeopardy Games I
Jeopardy Games II
Jeopardy Games III

Mr. Nussbaum's Online class interactive games
Power Point Classroom Games

All Subjects Interactives
Access Excellence Field Trips
AmbleWeb Primary School
Beacon Learning Center
Eduscapes - Math, Science, Health
Interactive Field Trips
JC Schools Directory of Interactives
Mr. Nussbaum's Online class interactive games
Read, Think, Write
SAILon Interactives - Joint venture between Houston area school districts
Scholastic Resources
SMART resources by country
Standards Site
Teacher's Lab
Teachers' Tap
Virtual Field Trips

English Language Interactives:
Primary Resources

Math Interactives:

Brunner Math
Everyday Math Resources
Fun Mathematics Lessons

Interactive Math
Mathcast 24/7 - great resource by Tim Fahlberg

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Online Calculator
Primary Resources for Math
Ready-Made Power Points for Math
Smarter Ways to Use SMART Boards in Math
Teaching Time
Time Lessons
Virtual Math Manipulatives

Reading Manipulatives
Reading Quest
Starfall - early childhood resources

Science Interactives
Amusement Park Physics
Anatomy & Physiology Interactives
Berkeley's Science View">Biology I Interactives
Human Body Interactive
Primary Resources
Sandlot Science
Shodor Math and Science Java Interactives

Social Studies Interactives
Interactive Amazon Adventure
National Geographic Xpeditions
Primary Resources - Geography
Primary Resources - History

Technology Interactives
Primary Resources

Free Software Downloads -

SMART Education
ED Compass

Lesson Plan Links

USD 259's SMART Board Academy Lesson Plans
EDCompass Lesson Activities
Smart Education Templates and Files
Carter School SMARTboard Lessons
SMARTboard Lessons from Center School District

Resource Links:
Heather Lamb's Delicious Bookmarks for SMARTBoards