Storytelling with Images & Video

Technology resources online will be able to provide students the tools they need to incorporate images, video, and the sound of their own voices to tell a story. There are many options out there to help students easily create stories and share them with their friends and family. Learn how to use these tools to help your students become part of their own drawings, use interactive digital pictures, or video to combine into an interactive media presentation.

Below is a VoiceThread presentation by a 10 year old student sharing about his trip to Washington DC.

Training Module for July 17, 2009

Materials for creating Digital Stories:
1. Computer
2. Digital camera for still pictures (recommend a camera that plugs in with USB)
3. Digital camera for video (recommend the FLIP camera)
4. Video editing software (comes with the Flip) or use free online editor
5. Audio editing software - Audacity is free, easy and does complex editing
6. Scanner

Digital Storytelling - what it looks like
Voicethreads by Elementary and Middle School students
Voicethreads by Juniors and Seniors
Digital Stories
Scott County Schools
Fourth Grade Art Class
Briscoe Texas Heroes
1001 Flat World Tales
Special Education Teachers
Common Craft
WHS Vietnam Memorial Project

Online resources for LEARNING about Digital Stories:
Digital Storytelling Cookbook
The Digital Narrative
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Tech Head Stories

Online resources for CREATING Digital Stories:
Primary Access

Microsoft Photostory 3 - software download that is FREE and easy to use
Online training for Photostory
Atomic Learning

Online resources for WATCHING Digital Stories:
Center for Digital Storytelling
We Tell Stories
Flickr and example of Flickr Math story
International Children's Digital Library