Teacher Toolbox: FREE Resources for Classrooms

We will be demonstrating some free resources teachers can use to provide interactivity with just their computers and a projector. No SMART Board required.

Audacity - free software download for editing audio
Cool Timers for the screen that include sounds.
ZoomIt tools to allow you to zoom in on text or portions of images.
Jing lets you record action on your computer screen with audio commentary and annotation tools - makes videos
KickYouTube - YouTube video ripper
My Award Maker - certificate maker
Picasa - Google's photo manager
Poll Everywhere lets you generate a poll that uses cell phone text tools to vote
Pro Profs - Create an online poll
Wordle - Create Word Clouds
Word Sift - Another free word cloud creator

Free Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government

Hippocampus - Interactive textbooks online

Blogs of Note:
100 Incredibly Inspiring Blog Posts for Educators
100 Best Blogs for School Librarians

Online Interactive Whiteboards
http://www.imaginationcubed.com/LaunchPage - from GE - you can even invite 2 others in to the whiteboard with you. Free and online.
http://www.writeboard.com/ - A free online whiteboard that even saves a history for sharing. Its not as fun as drawing but its a white space for typing on. You password protect it and then share it with others.
http://www.scriblink.com/ - Scrib Link is another free online whiteboard that you can share with others. I like this one because you can chat together in the shared space.
http://thinkature.com/ - This one is newer and combines Inspiration mind mapping with whiteboard sharing.

SMART Train the Trainer will be August 4 & 5 here in D110 of THS - each campus will have a trainer!

Online Presentation/Document Editors (Digital Storytelling)
280 Slides
Google Documents
Voice Thread
One True Media

Online Training Resources:
Atomic Learning

Glogster - Poster Yourself

SMART Online Resources and Interactive Web Sites

These are great resources for any classroom with a projector (no matter if there is a SMART board or not).

*PBS Interactives

Interactive Learning Games
I Know That!
Jeopardy Games I
Jeopardy Games II
Jeopardy Games III

Mr. Nussbaum's Online class interactive games
Power Point Classroom Games

All Subjects Interactives
Access Excellence Field Trips
AmbleWeb Primary School
Beacon Learning Center
Eduscapes - Math, Science, Health
Interactive Field Trips
JC Schools Directory of Interactives
Mr. Nussbaum's Online class interactive games
Read, Think, Write
SAILon Interactives - Joint venture between Houston area school districts
Scholastic Resources
SMART resources by country
Standards Site
Teacher's Lab
Teachers' Tap
Virtual Field Trips

Language Interactives:
Primary Resources
Languages Online - ESL/ELL
Lingro - Website translator
Lingus.tv - Learn Spanish through videos

Math Interactives:
Brunner Math
Everyday Math Resources
Fun Mathematics Lessons

Interactive Math
Mathcast 24/7 - great resource by Tim Fahlberg

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Online Calculator
Primary Resources for Math
Ready-Made Power Points for Math
Smarter Ways to Use SMART Boards in Math
Teaching Time
Time Lessons
Virtual Math Manipulatives
Academic Skills Builder Games
Algebra Help
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
Math is Fun Interactives
Mathematics in Movies - Harvard project about math in movies with clips
Math Playground
Math 247 - Screencasts of math problems solved
Screencast - using a document camera to record audio and video using whiteboards and posting online. Tools to accomplish: Document Camera or Still Photo Camera; Microphone; VoiceThread.com; Whiteboard or piece of shower board
Mathway - Online problem solver
Quia IXL Math Interactives (requires FREE account) - Grades K-5
Splat Squares
Visual Math Learning
Web Math - solves the Math problems and explains the process of solving
Who's Counting - ABC News John Allen Paulos explores math in current news

Reading Manipulatives
Reading Quest
Starfall - early childhood resources

Science Interactives
Amusement Park Physics
Anatomy & Physiology Interactives
Berkeley's Science View
http://science.nhmccd.edu/biol/bio1int.htm">Biology I Interactives
Human Body Interactive
Primary Resources
Sandlot Science
Shodor Math and Science Java Interactives

Social Studies Interactives
Interactive Amazon Adventure
National Geographic Xpeditions
Primary Resources - Geography
Primary Resources - History

Technology Interactives
Primary Resources

Free Software Downloads -

SMART Education
ED Compass

Lesson Plan Links

USD 259's SMART Board Academy Lesson Plans
EDCompass Lesson Activities
Smart Education Templates and Files
Carter School SMARTboard Lessons
SMARTboard Lessons from Center School District

KISD Staff Development Survey